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Ankle Measurement

strength in numbers

We believe that best-in-class rehabilitation and therapy should be available for any athlete. It is our mission to multiply efforts to maximize performance. We help people who need to recover by offering access to general practitioners, mental health therapists and orthopedic surgeons who prioritize your best interest. Our team will assess your unique needs and design an individualized rehabilitation program based on your specific needs to help you maximize your performance.


High-performance athletes rely on speed, strength and endurance. Synergy will work with you one-on-one to develop a personalized performance program uniquely designed to help you perform at your best.


30-minute free injury assessment to determine the best plan to restore function and maximize performance.


Our initial assessment will take strength and ROM measurements. We will use this data to guide our rehab process from start to finish. We will develop checks and balances to test and re-test our progress. You will be given a specific program that addresses your initial injury, and we will develop a plan to prevent the injury from reoccurring. This will include hands-on treatment followed by a specific Athletic Therapy session.



A one-on-one performance rehabilitation program that will address injury prevention and focus on restoring movement. Our program will address all systems affected by injury. We will focus on posture and your specific goals.  



You will have access to our recovery room. This will give you a 20-minute session with access to our recovery modalities. Normatec, Marc Pro and Theraguns.



One-on-one hands-on treatment session designed to help your body rest and create an environment of healing. Our therapists will determine the best recovery method for you whether it be: massage, myofascial stretching, cupping, Graston or a combination of our recovery modalities.



You will receive a thorough orthopedic and performance evaluation just like the pros. Our assessment will give you a clear path to prepare for a showcase or the MLB Combine. We will develop a plan to help you reach your highest potential.


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