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Firefighter Spraying Hose


Firefighting is one of the most hazardous occupations in the United States.

Lifting hoses, climbing stairs and quick reactions push the boundaries of human limits in a high-pressure environment. Each day, more than 180 firefighters experience a sprain, strain or muscular pain while on duty.

These types of injuries, and injury recurrence, take a heavy toll on fire departments, often resulting in
absenteeism and worker's compensation and medical claims. Across the country, the annual costs associated with a firefighter’s injury are estimated between $58,000 to $232,000 per department and $1,700 to $6,200 per firefighter.


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Synergy is designed to prevent injuries, reduce costs and improve performance.
Our athletic trainers are skilled at preventing injuries and having direct access to an on-site healthcare provider helps fire departments save money due to worker’s compensation claims and lost time.

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As a certified and licensed healthcare professional recognized by the American Medical Association, Synergy’s athletic trainers can provide an onsite examination of clinical diagnosis, render primary and emergency care and assess and treat musculoskeletal injuries. We also specialize in injury prevention by providing wellness education, exercise maintenance and mobility programs and therapeutic/rehabilitation interventions at your Tampa Bay fire department.

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An athletic trainer assesses and treats musculoskeletal injuries within the field of sports medicine on a daily basis.
While typically seen within “traditional” athletic populations, an athletic trainer specializing in exercise prescription makes them the ideal healthcare provider to improve the performance of first responders.

By developing a comprehensive injury prevention strategy, we can improve body fat percentage, aerobic capacity and muscular strength. The Fairfax County (Virginia) Police Department documented a decrease
in overall medical costs by 49 percent, as well as a significant decrease in musculoskeletal injuries by 86 percent since their utilization of an athletic trainer.

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on your investment

In addition to building stronger workers and creating a safer environment, athletic trainers help fire departments save time and money. For example, a recent study shows that the implementation of an occupation-specific low back education program resulted in a 70 percent reduction in days lost due to low back-related injuries.


Fire departments across the US, such as Seattle FD and Denver FD, are already employing athletic trainers for
their respective departments as their approach to prevention and unique rehabilitation skills result in a significant
return on their investment.

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Strength in numbers

  • Advanced athletic assessments

  • MLB combine assessments and training

  • First responder services

  • Access to mental performance coaches that support elite athletes

  • Medical team doctors

  • Fully customizable throwing program

  • Entrance physicals and pre-season preparation program

  • In-season maintenance program

  • Post-season recovery program

  • Physical therapy and injury rehab

  • Monthly recovery membership 

  • Sports massage and fascial mobilization


We combine the best in sports medicine specialties so you progress seamlessly through the rehab process.

As a team, we treat the initial injury by restoring function through objective measures.

Then we dive deeper into why the injury occurred to prevent the injury’s recurrence.


We assess all of your current physical capacities and consult with you to understand your goals. We will follow your doctor’s timeline if you are recovering from a procedure. Then we activate our team to develop a customized high-performance plan designed to help you recover and achieve your goals as a firefighter. 


We apply a multidisciplinary approach to treatment to help you progress quickly and seamlessly through the injury recovery process. As we load a new ROM and teach the brain to use it, we will test and re-test. Our goal is to help you return to the highest level of competition. 


We integrate several methods and strategies into the rehabilitation process to multiply our efforts and maximize performance. The recovery times are reduced with the combination of all the rehab tactics employed at Synergy.


At Synergy, we’ve created a high-performance environment that includes techniques designed to help prevent a recurrence of injury. We use objective data to measure recovery and quantify your progress. This is a critical step for athletes seeking a comprehensive rehabilitation experience because it provides you with all the necessary information for success as a firefighter.

Our Services

We believe that best-in-class performance training and rehabilitation should be available for any athlete. It is our mission to multiply efforts to maximize performance. We help people who need to recover by offering access to general practitioners, mental health therapists and orthopedic surgeons who prioritize your best interest. Our team will assess your unique needs and custom design an individualized strength trining and rehabilitation program to help you maximize your performance.


Shawn is the best in the business. He truly cares about his clients doing whatever he can to make them better. His goal is to find and fix the problem using every resource he can. In just a two week period I have made a massive improvement due to Shawn’s technique and ability to fix my injury. Shawn will be the first person I call when in need of treatment and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of therapy.

Blake Wright, Clemson

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