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We believe best in class rehabilitation starts with a correct diagnosis and objective measures to identify weakness and build on strength.  We use the latest techniques and technology to put you on the fast track to recovery. Our systematic approach to rehabilitation will create a system of checks and balances to seamlessly transition from limitations to maximizing your performance.

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of rehab therapy

At Synergy, our integrated recovery programs multiply efforts to maximize performance. As a dedicated team, we combine the best in sports medicine specialties to enable you to progress quickly and seamlessly through the rehabilitation process. We aim to treat the initial injury by restoring function through objective measures. Then we dive deeper into why the injury occurred and change mechanics to prevent the injury’s recurrence.

Our team manages all aspects of injury recovery by combining individualized care with recovery programs and years of practical clinical experience. We integrate the best in athletic therapy and sports injury rehabilitation to deliver the full spectrum of care, including the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. Synergy supports injury management, post-surgery rehabilitation, overuse injuries, recovery and return-to-field support.

Our initial assessment will take strength and ROM measurements. We will use this data to guide our rehab process from start to finish. We will develop checks and balances to test and re-test our progress. You will be given a specific program that addresses your initial injury, and we will develop a plan to prevent the injury from reoccurring. This will include hands-on treatment followed by a specific athletic therapy session.


It Starts with an Assessment

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Synergy At PRIDE

Synergy is strategically located within PRIDE to allow our athletic trainers to collaborate with the referring medical team and incorporate rehabilitation programs with on-site performance training. 

Synergy Performance Rehabilitation Amenities:

  • Output strength and ROM testing,

  • Nordboard testing;

  • VALD Speed timing gates,

  • Individiualized programing steamed to 85” TVs,

  • Blood flow Restriction Training,

  • Recovery modalities including Normatec, Marcpro and Theraguns, and

  • Jake Jelmini PHD Director of Sports Science. 

PRIDE Amenities:

  • State of the art weight room with dumbbells up to 150lbs,

  • The latest cardio and DARI range of motion evaluation,

  • 100 feet of turf designated for sprint and speed work,

  • 300 feet of designated long toss area,

  • full mens and women’s showers and locker rooms, 

  • ultrasound body fat analysis, and,

  • a team of chiropractors, massage therapists and strength coaches dedicated to multiplying efforts to maximize your performance.

Testing guides all of our programming and our systems complement each other. PRIDE measures range of motion, body fat and advises on nutrition. The Synergy team tests strength and range of motion to maximize performance on and off the field.


Shawn is the best in the business. He truly cares about his clients doing whatever he can to make them better. His goal is to find and fix the problem using every resource he can. In just a two week period I have made a massive improvement due to Shawn’s technique and ability to fix my injury. Shawn will be the first person I call when in need of treatment and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of therapy.

Blake Wright, Clemson

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