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At Synergy, we’re seeing an increase in growth plate injuries from kids who play baseball and throw year-round.


A high-performance athlete needs support from a trained sports medicine team to stay on the field. Our staff has a proven track record of keeping athletes on the field from Cooperstown to the World Series.


Growth plate injuries occur at the shoulder and elbow of youth athletes from the ages of 8-15 years old.  We tend to see most of these injuries from 12-13 years of age. The growth plate is an area of cartilage at the end of a bone that allows us to grow new bone. This is the weakest part of the bone.  Rotational stresses from throwing causes inflammation at the growth plate. Over time, the rotational forces can lead to widening of the growth plate or an avulsion fracture, in which soft tissues tear-off a small piece of bone.

Often referred to as Little League Elbow, the athlete will complain of pain on the inside of the elbow with valgus stress.



Often referred to as Little League Shoulder, the athlete will complain of pain at the outside of the shoulder with layback while throwing. 


It is very common to have pain with isometric internal rotation of the shoulder.


We have developed specific protocols to prevent and identify the risk for growth plate injuries.


We Can help prevent and rehabILITATE growth plate injuries

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  • Determine if your athlete matures early, average or late for their age.​​

  • Make the most of your athlete's growth spurt.

  • Take advantage of the highest production of growth hormone and testosterone at their peak to build muscle. 

  • Identify your athlete's highest risk for injury.

  • Estimate the age that your athlete will reach their peak height.

  • Gain a significant edge over competition by training to stay healthy.

  • Elevate your athlete from the competition by knowing when to grow and when to throw!

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initial shoulder evaluation

Our initial evaluation is designed to highlight your strengths and develop your weaknesses.


We use the latest technology to objectively measure your strength and range of motion.


Our growth plate assessment measures bone structure and determines the risk for a growth plate injury.  


We measure:


  • Shoulder and elbow range of motion

  • Shoulder and forearm strength 

  • Scapular stabilizer strength

  • Core and hip stability ​

follow up.jpg

follow-up report

We will test your strength and range of motion monthly to adjust your programing and ensure you are ready for the next season.


Our team of experts will review the data and progress your exercises as your strength and range of motion improves.


This is the perfect in and off-season program for any athlete looking to prevent injuries and maximize performance. 


There is strength in numbers. Join the Growth Plate Injury Prevention Program today!

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