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Speed camp!

Thursday, June 27th
Under the Lights
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Getting ready for your next tryout or showcase but unsure how to perform at your best?  We've got you covered.


Don't just show up on the day of the tryout;  learn the skills and drills to become that explosive show stopping, game-changing athlete you aspire to be.  This camp is open to athletes ages 12-18 and will be coached by Joey Greany, a renowned MLB Strength Coach.



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Synergy Showcase Prep

Skyway Park Tampa - 3901 George Rd, Tampa, FL, 33634

7:00 - 9:00 PM


Acceleration Speed Development

Improve your acceleration speed and learn how to develop your sprint speed like the pros.


Speed is one of the most important skills that an athlete can have, and our camp will help you improve your start and acceleration, as well as teach you how to accelerate faster. We also offer education for parents on how to coach and teach their children, so you can implement these drills at home.

Reaction & Agility Training

Reaction and agility training is the best way to become the most dynamic and explosive athlete.


This camp will focus on teaching you how to improve your change of direction to become more agile and quick. You'll be able to improve your first step quickness, reaction time, and ability to decelerate and change direction faster.


What You Get

*2 hours of training with MLB Strength Coach

*Learn the basics of speed and change of direction training

*Improve first step quickness

*Improve sprint speed

*Learn drills and exercises that you can do at home

*Learn how to maximize your child's performance and reduce injury

*Improve explosive power and reaction

*Learn acceleration and max speed training

Training Schedule and Breakdown

Dynamic Warm-Up

Dynamic movements engage multiple muscle groups at once, which helps to activate them and get them ready for movement. This is especially important before speed and agility training because it gets your muscles ready to contract quickly and powerfully.

Ground Based Mobility

Our Ground Based Mobility program will help you improve mobility at the ankle, hip, thoracic spine, and shoulders. You'll learn to move into athletic positions freely and easily.

Rapid Response Drills and Plyometrics

In this camp, we'll be working on performing rapid response drills and plyometric exercises to improve footwork, explosive power, coordination, reflexes and more!

Agility and Reaction Training

Agility and reaction training drills are the foundation of any good athlete. They help you learn to change direction quickly, which is vital in sports baseball and softball.

Acceleration and Speed Training

Speed mechanics are something that can be learned and improved upon with practice, and our acceleration training camp is designed to help you do just that. We'll work on your start, we'll work on max effort sprints, we'll even get into curved sprints so that by the end of camp, you'll be ready for anything!


The last 10-15 minutes of each workout will be open for training questions.

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