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grand opening

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of Synergy's new home! Join us on May 11 at 10 am at Pride Strength Training, located at 13335 West Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa. Our new location gives you a place where you can do your rehab, workout and recover all under one roof. Grab a sneak peek by watching the video >>>

Fun and prizes too! 

It will be an exciting morning offering:

  • Free Sports Specific Testing ($130 value);

  • $50 off Group Training;

  • Free Nutritional Education;

  • Rays Game Ticket Raffle;


Ready to get started? 

Join us on May 11 at 10 am. Register for
your free Sports specific testing below.

GRand Opening Registration

May 11 | 10 am - 12 pm

PRIDE Strength Training | 13335 W Hillsborough Ave. | Tampa Fl 33635

Presentation begins at 10 am

Thanks for submitting!

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