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Custom Performance Training for High School, College and Pro Athletes

At Synergy, we are obsessive about sports performance. We are the only facility in Tampa Bay that offers direct access to major league sports performance experts and a licensed athletic trainer with a PhD in Sports Science.  Backed by the same technology used at the pro level, we provide in-season programming, custom strength training and best-in-class rehabilitation to help athletes of all ages perform at the highest level.

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Strength in numbers

We track strength and range of motion on all clients here at Synergy and adjust your program based off your individual results. All of our data is reviewed by Jake Jelmini PhD and the numbers speak for themselves.

On average, it took our clients 61.4 days to reach peak gains. Overall we saw:

Peak Jump Height increased by 2.4 inches

Lower Body Power increased by 20.3%

Med-Ball Velocity increased by 3.18 mph

Shoulder Strength increased by 27.1%

Core Strength increased by 39.5%

There is strength in numbers. Join the Synergy community!

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We will test your strength to take your game to the next level.  

By creating this progressive process, we have ensured that every athlete is given exactly what they are needed. They will never be asked to do too much – which could cause injury – nor will they feel “held back” due to exercises being perceived as too easy. Athletes will be constantly re-evaluated to check their status. This, in turn, will be done by using technology. Multiple data points give us the chance to get updated numbers in real time. These data points include measuring bar speed for strength, medicine ball speed for power, and bodyweight measurements such as vertical jump. Once an athlete shows enough improvement in these allotted areas, they are progressed to the next phase of our programming.


We use the data and the phases of our programming to transfer functional movements from the weight room to the field. Our staff has Major League experience and understands the demands of the sport. Our athletes have seen gains in the weight room and on the field. 

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Synergy At PRIDE

Synergy is strategically located within PRIDE to allow our athletic trainers to collaborate with the referring medical team and incorporate rehabilitation programs with on-site performance training. 

Synergy Performance Rehabilitation Amenities:

  • Output strength and ROM testing,

  • Nordboard testing;

  • VALD Speed timing gates,

  • Individiualized programing steamed to 85” TVs,

  • Blood flow Restriction Training,

  • Recovery modalities including Normatec, Marcpro and Theraguns, and

  • Jake Jelmini PHD Director of Sports Science. 

                         PRIDE Amenities:

  • State of the art weight room with dumbbells up to 150lbs,

  • The latest cardio and DARI range of motion evaluation,

  • 100 feet of turf designated for sprint and speed work,

  • 300 feet of designated long toss area,

  • full mens and women’s showers and locker rooms, 

  • ultrasound body fat analysis, and,

  • a team of chiropractors, massage therapists and strength coaches dedicated to multiplying efforts to maximize your performance.

Testing guides all of our programming and our systems complement each other. PRIDE measures range of motion, body fat and advises on nutrition. The Synergy team tests strength and range of motion to maximize performance on and off the field.

Shawn is the best in the business. He truly cares about his clients doing whatever he can to make them better. His goal is to find and fix the problem using every resource he can. In just a two week period I have made a massive improvement due to Shawn’s technique and ability to fix my injury. Shawn will be the first person I call when in need of treatment and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of therapy.

Blake Wright, Clemson

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